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Daryl D. James

Former US Navy

Secret Space Program Survivor

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About Me

About Me

Work Experience

My Name is Daryl D. James.  I enlisted in the U.S. Navy on January 24, 1999.  I served 7 years, including one year in Iraq with the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 7 (NM SeaBee 7).  In 2004, while stationed at the Royal Air Force Base at St. Mawgan, in Cornwall, UK, I passed through what I thought was a metal detector.  It was a piece of technology that measured every biometric signature I had, including my I.Q., which was measured as 195.  I was soon recruited to join the Secret Space Program and guaranteed a position as a Pilot in Solar Warden, the star fleet that monitors our solar system.  After a miscommunication with a nine-and-a-half foot tall Reptilian, I was sent to the mines on the Moon.  

All my interviews are found on my Interviews Page.



Me Now

Since telling my story, I have received an outpouring of support from all over the world.  If you remember me or if I trigger some memory within you, please reach out.  

I am currently writing my autobiography.


I live in St. Petersburg, Florida with my collie, Duke. 

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